Shanghai Kaishi Intelligent Tecnology Co., Ltd.

Kaishi Automation started in Shanghai. The core operation and management team has nearly 15 years of experience in industrial automation equipment manufacturing. It is a Shanghai

high-tech enterprise full of vitality and vigorous development. The company's main business direction is to provide complete assembly and processing automation solutions for the auto parts industry, medical industry. It has achieved leading technology accumulation in many subdivisions, such as the automotive shock absorber industry, Automobile door parts industry, automobile motor parts industry, medical laboratory automation field, etc. Since the establishment, Kaishi has achieved rapid development. We have successfully achieved “ISO9000 Quality Management System Certification” in the system construction itself. In 2021, it was successfully recognized as “National High-Tech Enterprise” of China and Shanghai “Specialized and New Small and Medium Enterprises”.

Company Culture

Kaishi advocates a positive and progressive life attitude. The bright and eye-catching colors reveal vitality and vitality, implying Kaishi's desire for rapid growth and belief in quick response. At the same time, the arc above represents Kaishi's positioning.

----Build a bridge for customers to achieve more competitive
     automated production.

Our philosophy: not what is possible today, but what will be achieved in the future
We always believe that success depends on speed and professionalism
We always believe that there is no eternal core competitiveness, only constantly updated core competitiveness

Our Beliefs

Our six points of insistence

Employee value promotion

Motivate employees, create training and learning opportunities for employees, and employees promote talents.
Kaishi people work hard and jointly shoulder the important development responsibility of Kaishi company.
Promote employees' personal development, self-motivation and sense of responsibility to help employees develop their personal values in an all-round way.

Market and customer oriented

Kaishi regards the rapidly changing market challenges as opportunities and is committed to realizing the ardent hopes and expectations of customers. Customer satisfaction is our goal. Only in this way can we establish a strong long-term partnership.

Integrity partnership
Integrity, fairness and strong professional ethics are part of our self-image. We expect the same qualities from our employees, partners and suppliers in all business matters.

Independent operation concept

As a privately held company, Kaishi remains independent and committed to achieving the company's mid- to long-term goals rather than short-term interests.

Market direction for sustainable growth

In an effort to achieve stable growth, Kaishi focuses its corporate activities on market segments with long-term potential. The income obtained plays a very important role in this, because only in this way will it be possible to make more investments. In addition, stable profits ensure that we can meet our obligations to our employees, partners and the public.

Adhere to multi-dimensional innovation

Innovation and development are not only limited to our product competitiveness and fast service awareness, but will also be reflected in every detail of the company's organizational management, through continuous adjustments from multiple dimensions and perspectives to adapt to the continuous changes in the industrial environment.


We are honored that after years of hard work, many world-famous companies have chosen Kaishi

to work together in a win-win situation!

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