Independent management

Professional certification

* Project Manager PMP certification
* Project Manager PMP certification
* 22 professional project managers from robotics, industrial automation,   
   and auto parts industries

Project management

Dedicated manager
Project Flow

Project Flow


Project start
Establish a project team, clarify the progress plan, and complete task assignments among project members
Project design definition
Assembly line modeling review and customer determination of technical solutions and detailed design tasks
Project purchasing
Determine the purchase list and schedule, submit the purchase and complete the purchase
Project installation
Develop an installation schedule and assemble equipment according to the design plan
Equipment debugging
The equipment will be electrically debugged by electrical engineers after it is completed.
Project pre-acceptance
Cooperate with customers to complete pre-acceptance on site
Equipment delivery
The equipment is disassembled, packaged and shipped to the customer site
Final acceptance of project
Arrange technical personnel to install and debug equipment at the customer site for training
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